Hair Loss Causes in Men and Women

Hair Loss Causes in Men and Women

Hair loss is a very real problem faced by men and women of all ages around the globe. Also referred to as alopecia, hair loss may lead to gradual thinning of hairline, ultimately leading to partial or total baldness. Alopecia refers to hair loss from any part of our body. But baldness, i.e. loss of hair from the scalp is what worries people the most. Hair loss comes naturally as an integral part of aging, and can definitely not be regarded as any disease in most cases. Gradual hair loss is not heeded with much seriousness as it hardly causes ant physical discomfiture. But the main effect is the psychological setback it causes to affected people.

Hair Loss Treatment with PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an effective treatment to cure hair loss. Basically, this treatment is flexible enough as in it can be used with hair transplant surgery as well as can be used as aliberated treatment for hair thinning.

Patient's own blood, the fraction that contains the most platelets and growth factor are required to re-inject into the scalp to do PRP procedure. The process is required to be activated to use the growth factors and platelets provided by PRP therapy. The plasma that is present in our blood has natural growth factors. These growth factors when centrifuged help hair to grow out naturally. The grow factors are injected into the balding areas of scalp using micro needles. PRP also helps to grow damaged hair follicles. Plasma provides hair follicles a new health with increased nourishment

Advantages of PRP Therapy against hair loss