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Hair transplant Cost in Bhubaneswar

Please NOTE that the below quoted hair transplant/PRP Therapy pricing is just an indication for the cost in Bhubaneswar.

Approx hair grafts Minimum Cost Maximum Cost Approx Session Time (in Hours)
Up to 1000 Hair Grafts Rs.30,000/- Rs.40,000/- 4-5
Above 1000 - 1500 Hair Grafts Rs.40,000/- Rs.52,500/- 5
Above 1500 - 2000 Hair Grafts Rs.55,000/- Rs.70,000/- 6
Above 2000 - 2500 Hair Grafts Rs.73,000/- Rs.87,500/- 7
Above 2500 - 3000 Hair Grafts Rs.90,000/- Rs.105,000/- 8
Above 3000 - 3500 Hair Grafts Package Package 9
Above 3500 - 4000 Hair Grafts Package Package 9-10
PRP per Session Rs.4000/- Rs.8000/- 1

Natural Hair Transplant - The people most trusted hair transplant centre in Bhubaneswar

Hair Transplant Bhubaneswar is providing surgical procedure of correcting cicatricial alopecia or any other problem of permanent hair loss issues at very low hair transplant cost. Hair replacement Bhubaneswar is the perfect way to reflect Hair restoration technical skills. It is the most preferred way to eliminate hair loss issues among both women and men.

Natural Hair Transplant provides modern Hair Transplant Solutions from Experienced Surgeons with Best Patient Care. Hair loss is the common health issue which is occurring rapidly due to change in our lifestyle. Hair is the sign of our identity, youth & beauty. So there must be a solution of hair loss or baldness. This is why Natural Hair Transplant is best solution for your hair loss. NHT Clinics is an excellent hair Treatment clinic Bhubaneswar that has got highly efficient and qualified doctors having massive amount of expertise and experience in hair transplantation. Hair transplant photos are also available by Hair transplant clinic to let you know more about this. It shows natural results rather than artificial. This is the cheapest hair transplant to implement and get best results at affordable cost.

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Hair Transplant Doctors in Bhubaneswar

Dr. Shakti Raj Jammula

Dr. Shakti Raj Jammula

Hair Transplant Surgeon, Trichologist, 3 Years Experience

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Dr. Satyartha Prakash

Dr. Satyartha Prakash

MS-Cranio Facial Surgery, Fellowship In Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgeon, 12 Years Experience

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Why i am losing my hair?

Today, almost every third person is suffering from the problem of hair loss. There can be several reasons of hair loss, such as illness, pollution, lack of required vitamins, allergies, etc. One can feel a sense of lower self-esteem while suffering from the hair loss. The first thing people do to stop hair loss is purchasing a product they find promising to work through advertisements. Some also used to run towards home remedies, but these tricks can work only when the problem is minor. If you are suffering from heavy hair fall and not finding anything effective, then you need a permanent solution to get rid of it.

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Few reasons why we are one of the most trusted hair transplant centre in Bhubaneswar

Cost Effective

If you compare the cost involved in the natural hair transplant with other treatments like the temporary solutions available in the market, it will be clear that the latter involve continuous expense over the entire time period when you want to retain hair on your baldness.

Online Consultation

The natural hair transplant will provide you with the facility of online consultation, so that you may get all your queries answered and all doubts cleared before you go for the transplant. The online support is carried on even after the surgery.

Minimum Grafts Wastage

Get rid of your baldness by a natural process that also ensures that the grafts wastage is nominal. The implanted or grafted hair is of a permanent nature, so that you don't need to undergo the process over and over again.

World Class Facilities

The hair transplant surgery is more or less a simple procedure that need total anesthesia. The transplant facilities provide you with great comfort, so that you feel at ease before, during and after the treatment. The slight painful experience is taken care of with local anesthesia or sedatives.

Permanent Results

The best thing about the transplant surgery is that once you have gone through it successfully, its permanent and you don't need to go for any other therapy. Your hair is back for good. So enjoy the rejuvenated youth.

Experienced Surgeons

The surgery is undertaken by the most experienced of surgeons whose skill and expertise are proven over several years of working in renowned transplant facilities. The restoration of hair follicles from one part of the body to another needs a lot of patience and a steady pair of hands.

It's not about hair loss, it's about hair recovery…

NHT provides permanent and life changing results

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a process of hair transplant that involves the minimum invasion, resulting in nominal post – operative sufferings. Although a simple procedure, yet the transplant...

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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is the most commonly used technique of hair transplant.It is the minimum invasive surgery. In FUT, a thin strip of hair is removed from the donor area, which is ideally at the back of the head...

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PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an effective treatment to cure hair loss. Basically, this treatment is flexible enough as in it can be used with hair transplant surgery as well as can be used as aliberated...

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